#LinkedInLocalBristol April 1st 2019

Greg Cooper and Christian Annesley

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    Your hosts Greg Cooper and Christian Annesley

    Welcome to the #BristolLinkedInLocal. The #LinkedInLocal movement is an idea that started in New Zealand in 2017 by Anna McAfee and has caught peoples' imaginations. The idea is very simply to put the social back into social media, to meet the person behind the LinkedIn profile. It's a great way to meet with existing and new connections in an informal business context. Bring your business card but leave your pitch at home.

    The Venue

    Our hosts this time are the Metro Bank in Broadmead. If you haven't heard of or visited the Metro Bank it's a little different. For a start, it's open 7 days a week 8am-8pm. They welcome pets even providing drinking bowls in store. The bank has dispensed with sales targets for its staff and obsesses about customer service which is really quite refreshing. Talking of refreshing there will of, of course, be the usual tea/coffee and pastries to give you energy for lots of great conversations.

    Metro Bank is generously providing the venue and refreshments at no charge so that 100% of ticket proceeds will go to Deki who are our chosen charity for this event.

    Entrepreneur Interview

    Our guest interviewee will be the successful Bristol entrepreneur, educator and philanthropist James Potten who in 2004 founded Ecosurety the leading environmental consultancy. In 2017 James launched the Red Academy an international tech design school which has now trained over 1,000 students. James is also Chair of the person to person microfinance charity, Deki, which is based in Bristol and funds entrepreneurs in Africa. Back in the day, James was Managing Director of the Student Windsurfing Association - entrepreneurship runs through this man's veins. James will be interviewed by Christian Annesley. You don't want to miss this.

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